Who We Are

Our people are why we are so successful. With the most experienced and confident team available, we work to meet your needs and help resolve any mortgage problem. We work tirelessly to help the people who come to us and the people in our communities. We not only help make peoples’ dreams a reality through financing, we make connections with the people we work with and build relationships with our clients.

Our teams are what make us who we are. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to serve are clients and help them achieve their goals. They are hard working, fun, and care about doing their job well and helping the people in their cities.

Meet Our Team

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Patrick Michaelson

Patrick has been in the business for 17 years, holding regional and area management positions, but began on the operations side before moving to
He has purposefully established a team atmosphere that spans over all employees, in every branch, in every state. Because of Patrick, we all work together to do everything we can to get people into their homes as soon as we can. We bounce ideas off each other and we problem-solve together. Our team crosses many state lines but each branch operates as extensions of a larger whole.

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Andy Ellis

Andy has been in the business for 15 + years, holding regional and area positions with national lenders. In addition to management, he has originated since 2003. He continues to be involved in origination which gives him a clear understanding of the process that his lending officers are involved in.
Helping lending officers grow their business is at the top of the list for Andy. He is their biggest advocate both socially and in sales activities that he can be utilized in. He helps create a healthy environment that people enjoy working in and encourages hard work and open communication.

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Sunny Reape

Sunny works more hours than all of us combined to make sure everything is taken care of. She has been in the business 21 years (working alongside Patrick for 15 of those). She plays an intricate role in ensuring our process flow, policies and procedures are in place to support ourselves and our borrowers in the most efficient way to close loans. She always ensures that our local operations team is empowered in a way to be able to work with underwriters and closers to make certain they have the ability to review and authorize our loans to move to the next step in the process. She works with all areas of our Executive Leadership Team to make sure our process flow is at an industry high level of performance - meeting and exceeding industry norms.
At the end of the day, Sunny’s main objective is to get the homebuyer in their house. She has a clear understanding of the operations side of things and knows more than most about what it takes to help originators and borrowers get a Clear to Close.

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Laura Stubblefield

Laura has a hand in many different roles but all of them are focused on helping set our team members up for total success. From Onboarding through Marketing, her originators are top priority and she’s always available to help with anything needed.

Onboarding – She is involved in everything from the time a team member applies all the way through until they are putting in their first loan. She helps get you completely set up with all department contacts(HR, Benefits, Payroll, etc), passwords, training classes, all onboarding materials, Social Media and Marketing needs, supplies, and new branch set up.
Branch Development – Having opened many new branches over her 8 years in this business, she has vendor contacts in all of the Southern States area that covers all necessary furniture needs, technology aspects, marketing needs, and signage. Working alongside our corporate office, we also handle all leases for each branch. We try to make the opening of a new branch as seamless and stress free as possible for our teams.
Marketing – Working closely with our marketing department, she can provide new, personalized materials for whatever her originators need. Special Events, Expos, Realtor/Builder partnership collateral, Community involvement promotions, Social Media needs, websites, and any other marketing collateral or materials. Her main objective is to provide all the backup and support necessary, at the local level, to every member of our team so they can become as successful as possible.

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Laura Norman

Transitioning to a new company doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There may be a learning curve involved but Laura is there to help new hires begin and grow their initial pipeline with all the resources needed. She helps train on the systems we use, how to input loans efficiently, and get those loans to closing with minimal issues. Laura works closely with the Ops department and can step in should a problem arise. We have people in every area to help start you off in the right direction and Laura is an invaluable asset on the production side of the process. She has been in the mortgage industry for 15 years, working alongside Andy Ellis during that time, in both Loan Officer Support positions and Origination so when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the mortgage process, Laura will do everything she can to make it as seamless as possible for all involved. When making a decision as big as this one, it is great to know that you have that support to start off your production in the best way.

Our Management Team

Patrick & Andy

They use a common sense lending approach. They are attentive to Loan Officers needs and are concerned with helping make the customer experience as positive team environment and encourage hard work and dedication. They stay away from micromanaging and always advocate for their Loan Officers when it comes to the operations side of things. They care on a personal level and aren't just concerned about work and are both always optimistic.

Our motto is:
Our Team, Our Time.
Patrick and Andy as a team is the perfect mix. Patrick is always working behind the scenes to provide management support to get loans closed while Andy is actually out at our branches and talking to our team members, working alongside them.

Our Operations Team

Sunny & Team

Our operations team from Sunny on down will reach out to borrowers when needed, ensuring we have all documents necessary to proceed. We're a team that works together solving problems so files close. We have our own underwriter at the branch level working on our files. We also have our own funding coordinator at the branch level as well as processors sitting in each branch able to work, help, and problem solve right alongside originators. Files don’t get sent off to corporate where we lose control of the process. Our operations team handles our files with Sunny leading the team.

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations. The combination of our excellent staff, superior operations, and devotion to customer service, means one thing to all of us at Bank of England Mortgage Southern States: We will not stop until we have exceeded our clients' expectations. We look forward to that opportunity.